Composition ideas, what will they be ?


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After playing around with colours and shapes I got acrylic sheet and mdf cut out on the laser cutter, placing them next to oversized plastic gems. These are the favourite of the compositions I put together that I would like to take forward.




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For my own research I decided to look at places that I pass but never really look into in close up detail. Starting with man made structures through to graffiti and decay. This was to add colour to my work. I also wanted to look at this as a source of research because I feel as though in such a busy environment and life we do not stop to “value” the every day things around us. Subconsciously the things we see every day and ignore are the things that shape our life and we do not realise it.

Final Outcome (old but good)

A few years back I did a project on Feminism and the over sexualisation of the female body. My aim for this project was to show that embroidery was not only for older women. It can be cool and doesn’t need to be flowers embroidered onto cushions. I also wanted to raise the awareness of the over sexualisation of women’s bodies at a very toxic/angry/sad time of my life. My final outcome was a range of badges to spread the word.